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Myrcianthes pungens "Guabiyu" - GERMINATED

Myrcianthes pungens "Guabiyu" - GERMINATED

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Myrcianthes pungens "Guabiyu" - GERMINATED Seeds

Myrcianthes pungens, commonly known as "Guabiyu," is a semi-drops leaves annuallydeciduous tree with a large, rounded, and dense canopy of a treecrown that can grow to be 12-20 meters tall. The the trunk of a treebole of the tree is typically crooked and gnarled, and can have a diameter of 40-60cm. This tree is widely cultivated within its native range for its delectable fruit, which has a succulent, juicy pulp with a sweet and pleasant flavor.

In addition to its culinary uses, the plant is also harvested for its medicinal properties and is grown for ornamental purposes. The fruit of Guabiyu is dark purple and spherical; globe shapedglobose, measuring up to 25mm in diameter.

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