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Myrciaria aff. floribunda "Laranja Gotas"

Myrciaria aff. floribunda "Laranja Gotas"

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Myrciaria aff. floribunda "Laranja Gotas" Seeds

A shrub native to the state of Bahia in Brazil, a small myrtaceae shrub that resides in the sandbanks of the Atlantic Forest

 Its fructification forms bunches of small spherical fruits with a reddish and orange color, with an acidic and sweet flavor reminiscent of jabuticaba with more citrus touches, much appreciated by populations originating in the species' habitat areas, also appreciated by birds and animals that consume it in its fruiting season

 Still not very widespread and cultivated, this species is ideal for all types of gardeners and plant collectors as it presents ideal characteristics for growing in pots or bonsai, with its unique beauty, morphology, small size and slender leaves, making this species a great option for different aspects of cultivation

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