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Myrciaria cuspidata "Cambium"

Myrciaria cuspidata "Cambium"

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Myrciaria cuspidata "Cambium" Seeds

Myrciaria cuspidata is a dense-canopy of a treecrowned, semi-drops leaves annuallydeciduous shrub or small tree that typically reaches a height of 3-6 meters. The tree has a crooked the trunk of a treebole, which usually branches from very low down, and has a diameter of 15-25 cm. This species is native to Paraguay, Bolivia, southern, central, eastern, and northeastern Brazil, and is commonly found in moist coastal forests and semidrops leaves annuallydeciduous forests at higher elevations, as well as coastal sandbanks.

The fruit of M. cuspidata is a juicy, orange or black spherical; globe shapedglobose berry, about 10mm in diameter, with a very pleasant sweet taste.

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