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Myrciaria glazioviana "Cabelluda" - GERMINATED

Myrciaria glazioviana "Cabelluda" - GERMINATED

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Myrciaria glazioviana "Cabelluda" - GERMINATED Seeds

Myrciaria glazioviana, also known as "Cabelluda," is a tree that grows 3-6 meters long and is native to the submontane forest in Rio de Janeiro. This tree has been cultivated for a long time in domestic orchards and is closely related to M. guaquiea, M. glomerata, and M. strigipes. The leaves of Cabelluda are papery, thincartaceous and have a covered with matted hairtomentose white underside, measuring 4-11 by 1.2-3.5 cm, with downward-curved margins. The flowers are gathered in originating from the axilaxillary a dense cluster of flowersglomeruli and are formed in May-June.

Cabelluda produces somewhat roundsub-globular fruits (2.5-3 cm) with a tomentosa yellow-orange skin. The fruit has a sparse, juicy, sweetish pulp that some people find reminiscent of the flavor of a peach. The fruit matures from October onwards.

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