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Myrciaria glazioviana "Cabeludinha da Cruz"

Myrciaria glazioviana "Cabeludinha da Cruz"

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Myrciaria glazioviana "Cabeludinha da Cruz" Seeds

Myrciaria glazioviana "Cabeludinha da Cruz" is the only known cultivar of Myrciaria glazioviana (Cabelluda, Cabeludinha). The tree reaches of 3-6 meters and produces fruits at 2-3 years old. The fruit its said to be superior in flavor and is clearly larger than non-selected Myrciaria glazioviana with fruit reaching as large as 3.5 cm while non selected cabelluda fruit is typically 2.0 - 2.5 cm. It is also noted for the greyish cross on the canopy of a treecrown of the fruit thus giving it the name "da Cruz". Myrciaria glazioviana often requires either (1) a second plant to produce fruit, or (2) many additional years of age until it will produce consistently on its own.  Seeds weigh an average of 0.7 grams.  

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