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Myrciaria sp. "Borgonha do Maranhão"

Myrciaria sp. "Borgonha do Maranhão"

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Myrciaria sp. "Borgonha do Maranhão" Seeds

Uncover the beauty of Myrciaria Black Burgundy, a special variety discovered deep within the interiors of the state of Maranhão. Thriving in the dense foliage at the crossroads of cerrado, caatinga, and the Amazon rainforest, this unique Myrciaria variety reveals its extraordinary nature as it gracefully adorns both trunk and branches with fruits.

As the sun-kissed fruit matures, its color metamorphoses from a profound black to a rich Burgundy, signaling the perfect moment for indulgence. This sweet delicacy, with its appreciable flavor, becomes a beacon of culinary possibilities, offering a bounty of fruits that lend themselves to various culinary preparations.

Hailing from the rich biodiversity of Maranhão, Myrciaria Black Burgundy represents a rare selection among the Myrciaria family. Its dark, purplish fruits stand as a temale reproductive organstament to the abundance and diversity found in the heart of Brazil. By presenting this Maranhão marvel in your plant collection, you not only share a delicious treat but also offer a taste of the untamed beauty and unique flavors that make this Myrciaria variety a true rarity. Let the Black Burgundy enchant palates and elevate the appreciation for the diverse fruits borne by the lands of Maranhão.
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