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Myrciaria sp. "Rasteria"

Myrciaria sp. "Rasteria"

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Myrciaria sp. "Rasteria" Seeds

Myrciaria sp. "Rasteria" is a petite yet flavorful variety. This unidentified Myrcearea rsteira typically grows to a medium-sized plant, reaching heights of 20 to 40 centimeters. Although its fruits are small in size, they boast a delightful taste characterized by a perfect balance of sweetness and sourness.

Despite their small stature alone, when harvested in quantity, these fruits hold the potential to yield wonderful juices and find versatile applications in culinary creations. Myrciaria sp. "Rasteria" is particularly well-suited for container gardening with great germination rates, making it an ideal choice for pot cultivation.

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