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Myrciaria tenella "Cambuí"

Myrciaria tenella "Cambuí"

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Myrciaria tenella "Cambuí" Seeds

Myrciaria tenella, also known as cambuí, is a tree that grows between 2 to 4 meters tall and has a smooth and scaly trunk similar to jabuticaba trees. It is native to regions from Pará to Uruguay and produces intensely red or orange fruits that are 0.8 to 1.5 cm in diameter with very tasty red flesh.

The fruit is highly appreciated for natural consumption, or even for the manufacture of wines, jellies, and pies. The tree is very ornamental and is successful in bonsai, vases, and in the composition of gardens. It is also attractive to birds.

The plant is easy to grow and appreciates well-drained soils and full sun exposure. It does well in a wide variety of climates, from the most tropical to subtropical with frost.

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