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Pangium edule "Pangi"

Pangium edule "Pangi"

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Pangium edule "Pangi" Seeds

Pangium edule, also known as Pangi, is a large evergreen tree that can grow up to 60 meters tall with a wide canopy of a treecrown up to 50 meters in diameter. The tree is important in the local economy of more traditional peoples and the seeds, though toxic when raw, are commonly harvested and used as food after being cooked or treated.

The seeds have an almond-like flavor and are used in various Indonesian dishes. The fruit is sweet and aromatic with a pulp that is eaten when the skin is soft to the touch.

An oil can be obtained from the seed and is sometimes used for cooking when coconut oil is scarce, but it needs to be heated to remove toxins and becomes rancid quickly.

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