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Paratocarpus venenusa "Utu"

Paratocarpus venenusa "Utu"

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Paratocarpus venenusa "Utu" Seeds

Paratocarpus venenusa, also known as Utu, is a large tree that can grow up to 35 meters tall with a cylindrical the trunk of a treebole that can be free of branches for up to 18 meters. It is native to Southeast Asia and can be found in evergreen forests at elevations up to 700 meters.

The ripe chestnut-like seeds are edible when roasted or stewed, but the unripe seeds are poisonous. The fruit is a made of multiple carpels - sectionedsyncarp that is edible when ripe, similar to breadfruit, and is around 6-10 cm in diameter.

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