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Plinia aureana - GERMINATED

Plinia aureana - GERMINATED

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Plinia aureana - GERMINATED Seeds

The "White Jaboticaba," scientifically known as Plinia aureana, is a species of fruit-bearing tree belonging to the Myrtaceae family. This unique tree is native to Brazil, specifically found in the Atlantic Forest biome.

The White Jaboticaba is a small to medium-sized evergreen tree with a charming presence. It typically grows up to 10 meters in height and boasts a compact canopy of a treecrown filled with glossy, dark green leaves. This visually appealing tree adds beauty to its surroundings, making it a desirable choice for gardens and landscapes.

The highlight of the White Jaboticaba lies in its fruits. When fully ripe, the fruits display a distinctive light green color, which sets them apart from the more common dark-colored Jaboticaba varieties. The fruits are relatively small, usually measuring around 2 centimeters in diameter. They have a smooth, thin skin that envelops a deliciously sweet and juicy pulp. The flavor profile of White Jaboticaba fruits is often described as a delightful blend of sweetness and acidity.

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