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Plinia edulis "Cambuca"

Plinia edulis "Cambuca"

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Plinia edulis "Cambuca" Seeds

Plinia edulis is a wild-growing tree found in the coastal rainforest regions of Brazil, particularly around the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The tree is commonly referred to as cambucazeiro, while its fruit is locally known as cambucá.

The name "cambuci" comes from an growing in a particular place; nativeindigenous word for a jar, as the fruit of the tree resembles a type of water container, often described as "flying saucer"-shaped.

Cambucá fruits have a yellowy-green coloration, measuring around 6 cm in diameter. They possess a sweet-sour taste, reminiscent of a subtle combination of mango and papaya flavors. The tree belongs to the myrtle and eucalyptus family and can grow up to a height of thirty feet. Propagation of the tree is primarily done through seed.

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