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Plinia nana "Anã do Cerrado" - GERMINATED

Plinia nana "Anã do Cerrado" - GERMINATED

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Plinia nana "Anã do Cerrado" - GERMINATED Seeds

Plinia nana, commonly referred to as "Anã do Cerrado" or "Dwarf of the Cerrado" Jaboticaba, is a small shrub that grows in the Cerrado and Campo Rupestre regions in the central area of Minas Gerais. This particular variety is primarily grown by collectors and enthusiasts due to its unique characteristics.

Plinia nana produces small globe-shaped fruits with purplish-red to black skin that contains a sweet, watery pulp that is not acidic. Another unique characteristic of this jaboticaba variety is that the pulp does not adhere to the seed, making it easier to eat. This dwarf shrub has fine branches and is an native/restricted toendemic species to the region.

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