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Plinia rivularis "Guaburiti"

Plinia rivularis "Guaburiti"

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Plinia rivularis "Guaburiti" Seeds

Plinia rivularis, or "Guaburiti", is an evergreen tree with a wide, dense, roundish, and low canopy of a treecrown, reaching a height of 6-11 meters. Its short the trunk of a treebole branches from very low down and can have a diameter of 25-40cm. The tree is highly valued for its edible fruit, which is gathered from the wild and consumed locally, and it also produces useful wood.

Guaburiti is occasionally cultivated in domestic orchards for the fruit and can be grown as an ornamental tree for use in landscaping, providing good shade. The fruit is reddish-orange, maturing to dark purple; up to 2cm in diameter, spherical; globe shapedglobose, contains one or two seeds, and has a sweet, pleasant flavor.

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