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Plinia sp. "Paraiso" Jaboticaba

Plinia sp. "Paraiso" Jaboticaba

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Plinia sp. "Paraiso" Jaboticaba Seeds

Behold the Plinia sp PARAISO, a native of Alto Paraíso de Goiás, gracing the edges of the city's woodlands and finding its place in the orchards of bygone days. This petite jabuticaba tree, well-branched from its base with diminutive leaves, stands as a temale reproductive organstament to the unique charm of Alto Paraíso's natural surroundings.

Unlike its larger counterparts, this jabuticaba variety, locally known as PARAISO, reveals its distinctiveness in the abundance of small, sweet fruits that adorn its branches. Cultivated both in the wild and within the city's historical orchards, this small-sized marvel not only captivates with its aesthetic appeal but also boasts an intriguing feature—its petite fruits can be stored for more extended periods compared to the common jabuticaba.

Embedded in the regional identity of the interior of Goiás, the Plinia sp PARAISO becomes a symbol of local flavors and a reminder of the rich agricultural heritage of Alto Paraíso de Goiás. As you offer this unique jabuticaba variety in your garden, you extend an invitation to savor the essence of a specific terroir, where tradition and nature intertwine to create a fruit that is both visually delightful and gastronomically satisfying. Embrace the spirit of Alto Paraíso with the Plinia sp PARAISO—where each small jabuticaba tells a story of a unique Brazilian landscape.
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