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Plinia yasuniana -Germinated

Plinia yasuniana -Germinated

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Plinia yasuniana -Germinated Seeds

Plinia yasuniana is an understory rainforest treelet from the Ecuadorian Amazon. Found at elevations up to 300 m. The plant reaches 1-3 m in height. Said to be similar toPlinia panamensis, but distinguished by its leaves: obnarrow oval shape tapering to a pointlanceolate with subcordate to truncate base. Fruits are glabose, yellow, puberulous, and canopy of a treecrowned with renmanats of the caylx.  A smaller fruit at 3 cm in diameter with a smoother skin (compared to P. panamensis). One seed per fruit. Said to fruit from August to November. (Kawasaki and Perez, 2012)
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