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Plinia aureana "Branca Lisa Vilela's C16"

Plinia aureana "Branca Lisa Vilela's C16"

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Plinia aureana "Branca Lisa Vilela's C16" Seeds

Plinia aureana "Branca Lisa, Vilela Collection C16" jaboticaba appears to have some from a nursery in the city of Limeira in Sao Paolo state, Brazil in the 1980's or earlier. However, it is more well known for being tree number C16 in the Vilela collection which is where most if not all seeds and scions have come from in recent years. The name means "smooth white" jaboticaba which refers to the fruit skin not being ribbed, sometimes known as a costacostate. The mother tree is 50+ years old and is 3-4 meters tall. Some sources say that it is native to the highest regions of the Zona da Mata of Minas Gerais and the arboreal restingas of Espírito Santo but a jaboticaba of this quality is likely found only in cultivation. Subglabrous fruits, with a smooth and thin rind, yellowish-green when ripe, with a juicy pulp, a very sweet flavor and no acidity. The peel of this variety has an excellent flavor and can be used in jam and liqueurs and the plant can be grown in pots.  Seeds weigh 0.3 - 0.4 grams.  
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