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Pouteria flavilatex "Peach Peel"

Pouteria flavilatex "Peach Peel"

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Pouteria flavilatex "Peach Peel" Seeds

Pouteria flavilatex, or "Peach Peel", is only found in Pará and central Amazonia, Brazil, where it is a canopy tree of non-flooded lowland rainforest. The tree reaches 30 m high and 65 cm diam., with plank Outgrowth at the base of a tree trunkbuttresses to 1m high, the lower part of the the trunk of a treebole is often furrows or groovesfluted, and cylindrical above. Bark brown, scaling in small thin, irregular pieces, slash pinkish-brown, with yellow latex. Flowers are scented, with green The outermost leaves/petals/carpels/stamens of the flowercalyx, The petals of a flower, containing the stamen and pistil.corolla reddish-pink, the a part into which a leaf is dividedlobes with white margins. Fruit brown (dry). Flowering has been recorded in August and November, and mature fruit was collected in February.

It is easily distinguished from other species by the presence of yellow latex in the slash, the presence of small dropping leaves early, sheddingcaducous a small outgrowth typically found on both sides of the base of a main stemstipules, and the golden brown parallel to the apexappressed a covering of trichomes (fine hairs)indumentum on the lower leaf surface.

Pouteria flavilatex is one of the few species of Pouteria with a red The petals of a flower, containing the stamen and pistil.corolla.

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