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Pouteria gardnari "Maçaranduba Vermelha"

Pouteria gardnari "Maçaranduba Vermelha"

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Pouteria gardnari "Maçaranduba Vermelha" Seeds

Pouteria gardnari "Maçaranduba Vermelha" is a medium-sized fruit tree native to Brazil, occurring mainly in Cerrado and Atlantic Forest areas. It produces a large amount of small, black-purple fruits, with fleshy and juicy pulp, with a sweet taste.

Tasty when harvested fully ripe, they are great for fresh consumption, or in the form of jams and ice cream. Native trees are increasingly rare to be found in nature, and it is indispensable in the reforestation of degraded areas.

Its fruits are attractive to avi-fauna, and its small flowering attracts honey bees. It bears fruit from December to January, and produces good quality timber.

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