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Pouteria gardneriana

Pouteria gardneriana

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Pouteria gardneriana Seeds

Pouteria gardneriana, or locally known as Aguai Guacu, is native to South America, specifically Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and various regions of Brazil and Bolivia. It thrives in gallery forests, generally found near sea level. It is commonly seen along rivers and streams, preferring deep, clayey soils and slopes at elevations up to 500 meters. This tree produces edible fruits that are gathered from the wild and consumed locally, although they are not widely appreciated.

The tree prefers a sunny position for optimal growth. It is a slow-growing species. The fruits of Aguai guacu are consumed raw. They have a pear-shaped form, orange-yellow color, and measure about 6cm long and 4cm wide. Each fruit contains 1-2 seeds surrounded by a sweet-flavored pulp.

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