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Pouteria grandiflora

Pouteria grandiflora

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Pouteria grandiflora Seeds

Pouteria grandiflora, scientifically known as Bapeba, is an evergreen tree characterized by its elongated or pyramidal canopy of a treecrown. It typically grows to heights ranging from 6 to 14 meters, with a cylindrical trunk measuring 15 to 30 centimeters in diameter. Bapeba is primarily found in the coastal rainforests of eastern Brazil, particularly in the littoral forests of the coastal levees on sandy soils.

The edible fruit of Bapeba is gathered from the wild and consumed locally, though its popularity is not widespread. The fruit of Pouteria grandiflora, known as Bapeba, is round to oval-shaped and varies in color from pale yellow to golden when fully ripe. It has a smooth, thin skin that is easy to peel, revealing a soft and juicy pulp inside. The taste of the fruit is highly regarded for its exceptional sweetness and delightful flavor.

Overall, Pouteria grandiflora is an evergreen tree native to the coastal rainforests of eastern Brazil. However, efforts are needed to conserve its habitat and ensure the survival of this remarkable species in the face of environmental challenges.

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