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Pouteria Macrophylla var. "Gigante"

Pouteria Macrophylla var. "Gigante"

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Pouteria Macrophylla var. "Gigante" Seeds

Pouteria macrophylla, also known as "Cutite", is a semi-data-mce-fragment="1">drops leaves annuallydeciduous tree with an elongated data-mce-fragment="1">canopy of a treecrown that grows up to 25 meters tall with a straight, cylindrical trunk up to 45 cm in diameter. The tree is valued for its edible fruit, which is both gathered from the wild and cultivated, often through semi-cultivation by local people. This variety is huge!

The fruits are sold in local markets and contain 1-2 seeds surrounded by a thick layer of starchy, slightly sweet pulp that is said to taste like Gross Michel banana candy. The fruits are up to 6 cm long and 4 cm in diameter.

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