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Pouteria pachycalyx "Bapeba"

Pouteria pachycalyx "Bapeba"

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Pouteria pachycalyx "Bapeba" Seeds

Pouteria pachyThe outermost leaves/petals/carpels/stamens of the flowercalyx, also known as "Bapeba", is a type of evergreen tree that features a compact, spherical canopy of a treecrown. It can grow between 8 to 20 meters tall, with a straight, cylindrical trunk that ranges from 25 to 45cm in diameter.

While the edible fruit is occasionally harvested from the wild for local consumption, it is not widely recognized. This tree is also commonly used as an ornamental plant, and is often recommended for landscaping purposes. Currently, it appears that Bapeba is primarily found in the Linhares Forest Reserve.

The fruit of Bapeba can be consumed raw, and features a fleshy, mealy pulp with a slightly sweet taste. The fruit is typically around 7cm in diameter.

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