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Pouteria procera "Macarandiba"

Pouteria procera "Macarandiba"

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Pouteria procera "Macarandiba" Seeds

Macarandiba, also known as Pouteria procera, is a semi-drops leaves annuallydeciduous tree that typically has a small canopy of a treecrown and can reach heights between 20 to 40 meters. The trunk of this tree often features referring to the basebasal prop roots and can range from 40 to 80cm in diameter.

Macarandiba is highly regarded in Brazil, where it is commonly harvested from the wild and also cultivated, particularly around Rio de Janeiro. The fruit can be eaten raw or turned into preserves, featuring a sweet and mealy pulp. The fruit itself is typically greenish-yellow in color and has a spherical shape, with a diameter of around 4cm and containing 1 to 2 large seeds.

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