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Pouteria psammophila "Guapeba da Praia"

Pouteria psammophila "Guapeba da Praia"

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Pouteria psammophila "Guapeba da Praia" Seeds

Pouteria psammophila, also known as "Guapeba da Praia", is a tree that produces oval fruits measuring 4-6cm in diameter. The fruit has a yellow, smooth, and firm skin, as shown in the first image, and contains sweet and delicious white pulp with 1-4 seeds. This tree is medium-sized, typically growing between 4-6 meters in domestic orchards.

The fruits of Guapeba da Praia are highly valued by coastal communities, who often sell them on the side of roads under the name "guapeba." This tree is also highly ornamental and is commonly found in orchards and gardens of beach houses.

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