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Pouteria rammiflora "Roxa

Pouteria rammiflora "Roxa

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Pouteria rammiflora "Roxa Seeds

Enter the enchanting realm of Pouteria ramiflora Roxa, a Sapotaceae native to the characteristic woodlands and savannas of the Brazilian cerrado. Flourishing amidst the rich biodiversity of the cerrado, this exquisite species yields an abundance of delicious fruits with a white pulp that encapsulates the true essence of the cerrado's unique flavor.

Distinguishing itself among its peers, the variety we've collected boasts fruits of a mesmerizing purple hue, a distinctive selection discovered in the heart of the cerrado. Pouteria ramiflora Roxa stands as a temale reproductive organstament to the remarkable diversity that graces this region, captivating not only with its taste but also with its visually striking appearance.

Embraced by the rural communities, this purple treasure has become a lifeline for those traversing through the fields. With fruits in hand, one can satisfy hunger and indulge in the authentic flavors of the cerrado. Beyond human appreciation, the Pouteria ramiflora Roxa is a cherished delight for the forest's inhabitants, offering sustenance to the wildlife that call the cerrado their home.

As you introduce the Cerrado's Purple Gem to your fruit collection, you not only offer a taste of this unique ecosystem but also share the tale of a fruit that sustains both human and animal life in the cerrado's embrace. May the Pouteria ramiflora Roxa bring a burst of cerrado's vibrancy to all who savor its delectable essence. Enjoy the richness that this purple gem has to offer!
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