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Pouteria reticulata

Pouteria reticulata

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Pouteria reticulata Seeds

Pouteria reticulata, or "Curriola-Mirim", is a small tree native to Central America. It typically grows to a height of 5 to 18 meters in the wild but is cultivated to a maximum height of 6 meters. The common name comes from the Tupi language, meaning "Fruit that lets milk flow", and "mirim" meaning small.

The tree has a thick, cracked grayish bark and hairy young branches that become grayish and smooth with age. Pouteria reticulata bears round fruits measuring 1.5 to 4 cm in diameter. The fruit has a thin yellowish skin and a floury pulp, reminiscent of a wafer. It contains 1 or 2 smooth, glossy round seeds.

It is highly prized for its delicious flavor, which is often compared to vanilla-flavored stuffed cookies. The creamy pulp has a mild and slightly sweet vanilla taste. The fruit's appearance is characterized by its rounded shape, thin yellowish skin, and soft, floury texture.

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