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Pouteria sp. "Abiu Negro" - GERMINATED

Pouteria sp. "Abiu Negro" - GERMINATED

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Pouteria sp. "Abiu Negro" - GERMINATED Seeds

Pouteria sp. "Abiu Negro" is a new variety of tree that was discovered in 2016 by researchers from the Arboretum program, which is dedicated to preserving the Atlantic Forest in the state. Only two other trees of this species have been identified so far.

The tree, which stands about 30 meters tall, was found in the midst of a cocoa plantation intercropped with native forest in the Pedra Bonita settlement, located in Itamaraju, in the far south of Bahia. The fruit has a round shape, with a dark-colored skin and light-colored pulp inside. It belongs to the same family as two other abius: the purple and yellow varieties. The yellow variety is the most common and is generally used in desserts.

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