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Pouteria sp. "Ajara"

Pouteria sp. "Ajara"

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Pouteria sp. "Ajara" Seeds

Pouteria sp. "Ajara" is native to the floodplain area of the Solimões River in the rural interior of Manaus, Amazonas (AM), Brazil. The presence of this tree adds to the complex ecosystem of the region, reflecting the variety and richness of plant life found along the riverbanks.

The fruit of Ajara is known for its strong taste and smell, characterized by an acidic, semi-bitter flavor profile. Unlike some other Pouteria species, which are known for their sweetness, Ajara's fruit offers a more robust and complex experience. This unique flavor may make it a subject of interest for those studying the growing in a particular place; nativeindigenous plants of the region.

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