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Pradosia lactescens "Marmixa"

Pradosia lactescens "Marmixa"

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Pradosia lactescens "Marmixa" Seeds

Pradosia lactescens, commonly known as Marmixa, is an evergreen tree with a dense and spreading canopy of a treecrown that can reach heights of 15-24 meters. The erect the trunk of a treebole can grow to 20-30cm in diameter. The fruit of this species is edible and typically harvested from the wild, although it is not widely appreciated. Marmixa is also used for medicinal purposes in certain local communities.

The fruit of Marmixa is small, with a yellow exterior and measures approximately 3cm in length and 2cm in width. It contains a single, large seed surrounded by a slightly sweet, gelatinous pulp.

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