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Psidium sp. "Pyriformis"

Psidium sp. "Pyriformis"

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Psidium sp. "Pyriformis" Seeds

Psidium sp Pyriformis is a new species or form of Psidium found in the surroundings of Chapada dos veadeiros, a region of paradisiacal landscapes in the Brazilian Cerrado

 small plant, with tiny leaves producing a good load of pear-shaped fruits, Pyriformis with yellow skin and acidic sweet pulp, extremely rare in the field, this variety was collected for the first time and is probably a new species or variety that is difficult to identify.

 Another rarity and jewel from the state of Goias, Brazil, native to the Brazilian Cerrado, this species has potential for landscaping and horticulture, its fruits have an unusual shape, making this fruit attractive for the garden or to serve as food.

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