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Salacca affinis

Salacca affinis

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Salacca affinis Seeds

Salacca affinis, commonly known as the Sugar Palm or Snake Fruit, is a fascinating fruit-bearing palm tree native to Southeast Asia. It thrives in the tropical regions of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. This palm tree is highly valued for its unique fruit and has become a notable component of the region's culinary and cultural heritage.

The Sugar Palm is a medium-sized palm tree, reaching heights of up to 15 meters. It features a slender trunk with thorny stems and large, feather-like leaves that can grow several meters long. Salacca affinis is a male and female reproductive organs in separate individuals - you need 2 (male and female) for fruitdioecious species, meaning that male and female flowers are borne on separate trees.

The fruit of Salacca affinis, known as Snake Fruit, is the standout feature of this palm tree. The fruit is oblong or oval-shaped, covered in reddish-brown scales that resemble snake skin, giving it its intriguing name. Once the scales are peeled away, the translucent yellowish-white flesh is revealed. The flesh is sweet, juicy, and slightly acidic, offering a unique and delightful flavor experience. Each fruit typically contains one or two large seeds nestled within the flesh.

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