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Salacca edulis "Honey Salak"

Salacca edulis "Honey Salak"

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Salacca edulis "Honey Salak" Seeds

The "Honey Salak" variant of Salacca edulis is one of the finest types of Salacca edulis that can be cultivated in Indonesia. Originally from the Sleman region of Yogyakarta, the "Honey Salak" is known for its unique characteristics. It features soft, thick flesh, with a sweet taste reminiscent of honey.

Unlike other species, the "Honey Salak" plant yields fruit throughout the year, displaying its adaptability to varying seasonal changes. When compared to Pondoh Super Salak, "Honey Salak" has several unique attributes. Upon pressing the flesh, a honey-like liquid is released, a characteristic not seen in Pondoh Salak or Ivory Zalacca.

"Honey Salak" boasts additional advantages, such as its juiciness, relatively higher cost due to its scarcity, and its larger size compared to Pondoh Salak. Its skin color is lighter, and its sweetness exceeds that of the Pondoh Salak, reinforcing the reasons for its special standing among Salak varieties.

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