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Salacca zalacca "Pondoh"

Salacca zalacca "Pondoh"

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Salacca zalacca "Pondoh" Seeds

Salacca zalacca, or "Pondoh", is a male and female reproductive organs in separate individuals - you need 2 (male and female) for fruitdioecious semi-stem palm that can reach a height of 4-7 meters. It is distributed throughout the forests from Sumatra to Java and is widely cultivated in its region of origin, as well as being recently introduced in other areas. The leaves are pinnate and distichous, with a a stem of a plant, bearing flower stalks in short intervalsrachis lined with large, flat spines. The referring to the basebasal flowers of a plantinflorescence is male and can grow to be 40-55 cm long.

The fruit has a thin, brittle skin made up of scales covered in thorns, and contains a crunchy, delicious pulp with a flavor that is similar to a combination of coconut and pineapple.

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