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Stelechocarpus burahol "Kepel"

Stelechocarpus burahol "Kepel"

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Stelechocarpus burahol "Kepel" Seeds

Stelechocarpus burahol, also known as "Kepel", is an evergreen tree that can grow up to 25 meters tall with a trunk up to 40 cm in diameter. It is a beautiful ornamental tree with new leaves changing color from light pink to burgundy red before turning green. The tree is sometimes cultivated for its edible fruit in Java.

The fruit is juicy, sweet, and fragrant, with a taste similar to coconut or papaya according to different people. The round fruits grow on the trunk of the tree and are 5-6 cm in diameter. It is said that eating the fruit will make one's body smell like roses, while others claim that all bodily excretions will smell like violets.

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