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Syzygium sp. "Sulawesi Ruruhi Fruit"

Syzygium sp. "Sulawesi Ruruhi Fruit"

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Syzygium sp. "Sulawesi Ruruhi Fruit" Seeds

Syzygium sp. "Sulawesi", or the "Ruruhi Fruit", is a magnificent tree that is highly prized for its ornamental value. Its broad conical canopy of a treecrown and showy flowers of a plantinflorescences make it a popular choice among gardeners. The tree is also known for producing a lot of nectar after blooming, which attracts many Asian honey bees (Apis cerana) and stingless bees (Trigona laeviceps).

The fruit of Syzygium sp. "Sulawesi" is salmon pink in color and varies in shape from resembling an eggovoid to broad and slightly oval ellipsoid. These rare plants are a great addition to any collection.

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