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Syzygium sp. "Timika"

Syzygium sp. "Timika"

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Syzygium sp. "Timika" Seeds

Syzygium is a diverse genus of flowering plants within the family Myrtaceae, encompassing a wide range of species commonly known as "myrtles" or "brush cherries." These plants are renowned for their ornamental value, aromatic leaves, and, in many cases, edible fruits. Syzygium species are distributed across tropical and subtropical regions worldwide, with some notable representatives such as Syzygium aromaticum, the source of cloves, and Syzygium cumini, known for its jambolan plum fruits. Many Syzygium species produce attractive, showy flowers and are cultivated for their decorative qualities, while others are valued for their culinary or medicinal applications. This versatile genus showcases the diversity and ecological significance of the Myrtaceae family.

Syzygium sp. "Timika" is a newly discovered Syzygium species found in the forests near Timika, Papua, known for its delightful sweet and sour flavor.

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