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Tapura amazonica "Zorro Caspi"

Tapura amazonica "Zorro Caspi"

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Tapura amazonica "Zorro Caspi" Seeds

Tapura amazonica, also known as "Zorro Caspi", is a fruit that can be found growing wild in the Amazonian regions of Brazil, Peru, and Bolivia. The tree can reach up to 30 meters in height and develops a smooth bark as it ages. The flowers of the Zorro caspi are male and femalehermaphroditic. The fruit is oblong-ellipsoid in shape and can grow up to 3 centimeters in length. The pulp of the fruit is sweet and delicious.

Fruits of Tapura amazonica have been imported directly from Brazil and the seeds have been germinated, making them ready for planting. This fruit is a great addition to any collection and is worth considering for its unique taste and cultural significance in the Amazonian region.

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