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Theobroma gileri "Cacao de Monte"

Theobroma gileri "Cacao de Monte"

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Theobroma gileri "Cacao de Monte" Seeds

Theobroma gileri, also known as "Cacao de Monte," is a species of evergreen tree that can grow up to 14 meters tall. The tree has a the trunk of a treebole that can reach 20cm in diameter. This species is native to Colombia and Ecuador, where it is found in the lower story of evergreen rainforests. The fruits and seeds of T. gileri are commonly gathered from the wild and consumed locally. The seeds can be used to produce chocolate of good quality.

The seeds of this species, like those of other Theobroma species, are rich in oil (approximately 50%), starch (approximately 15%), and protein (approximately 15%). They also contain volatile oil and the stimulating alkaloids caffeine and theobromine.

The pulp is sucked out of the fruit, or it is used to make a refreshing drink. The white pulp is sweet, aromatic, and flavourful.

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